Shasta Group has been serving clients in North Vancouver since 1982, but with the recent retirement of founding advisor Dean Ratcliffe, our team has experienced some changes! David Strilchuk is now at the helm, carrying on the practice that Dean created over 40 years ago. We welcome clients new and old to reach out at any time and say hello.

David Strilchuk, CFP
Certified Financial Planner

When he's not working...
David is a husband and father of three, and spends most of his time fishing, talking about fishing, and thinking about fishing (or at least that's how it seems to us in the office!). Now that his youngest is setting off to college, David can spend less time coaching high school sports teams and more time fishing.

Holly Vipond, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Licensed Assistant to David Strilchuk

When she's not working...
Holly loves playing outside--hiking, running, sailing. She also loves all things Italian and can be found annoying her colleagues with limitless stories from her travels to Italy. Unlike David, who survives mostly on seafood, Holly is fueled primarily by coffee and chocolate.

EJ Porter
Client Relations Manager
Assistant to David Strilchuk

When he's not working...
Being the youngest of the team, EJ also has the most active social life of the three of us. On his days off he can be found taking weekend trips with his friends, playing sports and music, and drinking cold brew coffee from Trader Joe's. David is still trying to get EJ into fishing.